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My grandmother is a really smart woman. She studied only till 3rd grade but has always had this inborn intelligence. Her hard life and many challenges have undoubtedly taught her many valuable lessons, but the one she chose to share with me on my 28th birthday was simple. “Do not work so much”. It’s hard for me to start letting go of all the responsibilities that no one instilled in me, but I just naturally felt responsible for during the last 2 years. But why did this happen? The world is obviously not my responsibility. And obviously, even my grandma sensed I am working too much (from 500 km away!!!)
Where is that fine balance? Between having the things you need and just be happy and the constant struggle and competition in today’s money-means-happiness mindset? I have to find it. Because my granny is completely right – the most important thing in life are the people that surround you, love you, respect you, invest in you, care enough about you to tell you when you are completely wrong, support even your wildest dreams. It’s not important who’s the most conscientious and hard-working corpse in the morgue. Life is too short (and although I know it), I had to turn 28 and really hear my grandma’s advice in order to actually feel it for the first time. Live now. Laugh, dance, travel, go out with friends, write, make photos, be the person you want to be, get drunk with your favorite wine, explore, venture outside your ordinary ways. Experience life and just feel alive.

~ Love, Eena.