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Can’t believe a whole year has passed. My new york adventures still seem so close, but are long gone. Current status: living with my brother, working so much that I got sick and spent the last 3 days at home, single. All those just have to change. I was so immersed in doing what was required from me this year – working crazy long hours, cancelling trips, not taking any vacation, spending less and less time with family and friends, that I somehow forgot to be happy. No dancing, barely any travelling, no big trip to an unknow country…. I got so caught up in work that it was a blessing to end up sick and stay home for several days. Wierd. I was never before this workaholic person but somehow I turned into her. And this stops now. More sport, more yoga, good food , dancing, skiing, tennis, impro, more laughing, more reading, more learning, less work, less drama. My 29th year will be one to remember! That’s my wish!
Move out, get happy again, find that love already. Do not be scared. Time to resurrect the enthusiastic, entertaining, fearless, loving, always-dreaming, and always-inspiring-others woman in me. Most importantly, time to be happy again!
~ Love, Eena