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It’s a time of changes for me.

Today I moved my working space – away from my old team and the girl I’ve worked shoulder to shoulder for the last two and a half years – Toni, to my new team’s office space. And although the change is not huge – we’ll continue working closely together, and although it’s a desired change… I can help feel a bit…hesitant, uneasy and even a bit anxious by this change. As if I’ll have to continue alone from here on. It’s a weird feeling. Once you’ve slowly but gradually learned to rely on someone it’s very disturbing not having them around. I felt exactly the same (in much bigger intensity) last year when Toni and I were in the States for business for a couple of weeks. This was my first ever trip to the USA and I was more than thrilled. I had two work weeks (in Austin and in Anaheim) and then a full week of vacation in New York with friends on my schedule. The first two weeks Toni and I shared almost everything – work, food, drinks, and the moment she left for the airport heading back to Europe… I felt so uneasy as if I have lost something. I believe that sometimes life throws us in the same boat with some amazing people who teach us so much, with whom we go through a lot of challenges, and this changes us, and maybe just maybe it’s OK to feel a little bit uneasy when we are no longer close to them.

Next big change on the list – move unto a new apartment – tomorrow!

~Love, Eena.