A 29th year to remember!



That’s what I wished for!

Another year has passed. This time a good one. Scratch that, an amazing one! Featuring a new apartment, a new boyfriend, a new pro camera (and new photography passion), a skiing week in the Alps, a 6-day trip to Rome with the family, a 3-week trip to Spain (walked 300 km form Camino de Santiago!), a new team, a new boss, a yachting weekend in Greece, a 6-week trip to Boston, US, a new promotion, a new baby Yorkie at home, a camping seaside trip to Greece with the improv brigade, a few new good friends, a new favorite dance… Basically so many things are new that it’ll take me forever to write about them. The most important thing of them all – I am happy. I was worried for a little while.

Moved out, got happy again, found love! Welcome back my enthusiastic, entertaining, fearless, loving, always-dreaming, and always-inspiring-others-self. I am so happy you found your way back to me!

~ Love, Eena

The one with 4th of July

It’s 4th of July, which in Bulgaria is not celebrated. On another note, it’s my 3-year anniversary @Telerik and tomorrow I am heading to Boston for a 6-week work trip! Reviving that idea of keeping a journal again.

It’s also the day a Bulgarian tennis player plays on Wimbledon semifinals for the first time ever. Go Grigor Dimitrov!

~Love, Eena

The Best Pulpo Gallego


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We are in Melide, Spain. Arrived last night, leaving this morning. By now I know the drill. El Camino is no easy task. But it gets us to amazing places. One of which – Melide. As a lucky coincidence, it’s out 3rd month anniversary abd we can splurge on the local special – Pulpo Gallego.

It’s a real surprize.
Love, Eena.

The feeling of uneasiness that comes with every change…


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It’s a time of changes for me.

Today I moved my working space – away from my old team and the girl I’ve worked shoulder to shoulder for the last two and a half years – Toni, to my new team’s office space. And although the change is not huge – we’ll continue working closely together, and although it’s a desired change… I can help feel a bit…hesitant, uneasy and even a bit anxious by this change. As if I’ll have to continue alone from here on. It’s a weird feeling. Once you’ve slowly but gradually learned to rely on someone it’s very disturbing not having them around. I felt exactly the same (in much bigger intensity) last year when Toni and I were in the States for business for a couple of weeks. This was my first ever trip to the USA and I was more than thrilled. I had two work weeks (in Austin and in Anaheim) and then a full week of vacation in New York with friends on my schedule. The first two weeks Toni and I shared almost everything – work, food, drinks, and the moment she left for the airport heading back to Europe… I felt so uneasy as if I have lost something. I believe that sometimes life throws us in the same boat with some amazing people who teach us so much, with whom we go through a lot of challenges, and this changes us, and maybe just maybe it’s OK to feel a little bit uneasy when we are no longer close to them.

Next big change on the list – move unto a new apartment – tomorrow!

~Love, Eena.

All I want this Christmas…

It comes a time when you realize that what you want for Christmas is not material and cannot be bought. I know – everybody says this…but until you feel it yourself you can’t really understand it. It might be my age – I doubt it, or the hard year behind us that made me realize how many UNmaterial things I have in my life and how truly grateful I am for having them :)))

So this Christmas I wish for health for my mum, calm & serenity for my dad, a nice job opportunity for my amazing brother, lots of happiness for him and his girl and true love for me. Thank you Santa!

~ Love, Eena.

The best advice I have ever received


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My grandmother is a really smart woman. She studied only till 3rd grade but has always had this inborn intelligence. Her hard life and many challenges have undoubtedly taught her many valuable lessons, but the one she chose to share with me on my 28th birthday was simple. “Do not work so much”. It’s hard for me to start letting go of all the responsibilities that no one instilled in me, but I just naturally felt responsible for during the last 2 years. But why did this happen? The world is obviously not my responsibility. And obviously, even my grandma sensed I am working too much (from 500 km away!!!)
Where is that fine balance? Between having the things you need and just be happy and the constant struggle and competition in today’s money-means-happiness mindset? I have to find it. Because my granny is completely right – the most important thing in life are the people that surround you, love you, respect you, invest in you, care enough about you to tell you when you are completely wrong, support even your wildest dreams. It’s not important who’s the most conscientious and hard-working corpse in the morgue. Life is too short (and although I know it), I had to turn 28 and really hear my grandma’s advice in order to actually feel it for the first time. Live now. Laugh, dance, travel, go out with friends, write, make photos, be the person you want to be, get drunk with your favorite wine, explore, venture outside your ordinary ways. Experience life and just feel alive.

~ Love, Eena.


A perfect 28.


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It was a perfect day. No, not as high as mount Olympus or the Empire State, not as gourme, not in volving as much dancing, not as devilish/angelic or masked as they used to be. But still, in its own way, perfect!
Started out as a Satuday morning, with a surprise chocolate cake (no, 28 is definitely not too old for candles!), a beatiful gift and breakfast with my favourite brother and his girl. Continued with a family brunch (yes, home-made mimosas included), a huge basket of flowers, laughter and a family portrait! Then, a warm walk down-town at dusk including the best of friends, ice cream, French 75, multi coloured roses and somehow – and Irish pub & a Guiness. Simple life is brilliant.
Lots of conversations. Lots of unanswered questions, many challenges and many decisions ahead. Lots of uncertainty and more frightening questions to ask. But it would be too easy and boring, if it were otherwise, right?
Fearless, always smiling, radiant, happy, a buble of enthusiasm and positive energy are just a few but repeting themes that my friends and acquaitances used to describe me. I guess I managed to get one thing right in my short 28 years. Looking forward to whatever comes next!
~ Love, Eena.


I am officially 28


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Can’t believe a whole year has passed. My new york adventures still seem so close, but are long gone. Current status: living with my brother, working so much that I got sick and spent the last 3 days at home, single. All those just have to change. I was so immersed in doing what was required from me this year – working crazy long hours, cancelling trips, not taking any vacation, spending less and less time with family and friends, that I somehow forgot to be happy. No dancing, barely any travelling, no big trip to an unknow country…. I got so caught up in work that it was a blessing to end up sick and stay home for several days. Wierd. I was never before this workaholic person but somehow I turned into her. And this stops now. More sport, more yoga, good food , dancing, skiing, tennis, impro, more laughing, more reading, more learning, less work, less drama. My 29th year will be one to remember! That’s my wish!
Move out, get happy again, find that love already. Do not be scared. Time to resurrect the enthusiastic, entertaining, fearless, loving, always-dreaming, and always-inspiring-others woman in me. Most importantly, time to be happy again!
~ Love, Eena


What is all that fuss about Impro all about?


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Or the day I met Zlatin (for real)


In only an hour and a half Zlatin managed to turn a group of  complete strangers into a cooperating society. How did he do that? With the power of acceptance.

Improvisational theater is a form of art that teaches us valuable lessons about ourselves and the world around us though playing games.

Game 1: Only one can walk, at least one has to walk. Learn to be present in the moment. Learn to participate if you are needed and to step back if another is taking action. Be there. Be ready to react.

Game 2: Fall back and trust a complete stranger. Close your eyes and let him/her guide you only with gestures.

Game 3: Point and say what you see. Point and say the previous thing you saw. Point and say a completely different thing => Why do we always search for the best answer and not just for AN answer. Even when no one is listening. Why do we judge our own ideas and ourselves?

Game 4: Yes but | Yes, but • OK | Yes, and => Learn that there are no bad ideas. Why do we always discard the ideas of others as good or bad. When others accept our ideas we feel appreciated.

Kids try, and fail over and over again. That’s how they learn. Adults want a perfect try from the first time. It’s impossible. We all learn trough playing. There is no fail. Only lessons.

Stop judging. Start accepting. Learn to trust. Be present.

~  Love, Eena

Златин Цветков, Zlatin Tsvetkov

Златин Цветков, Zlatin Tsvetkov (Photo credit: TEDxBG)

The day my mum kicked the crap out of Cancer


August 23 2013. A day to remember. Exactly one year 9 months and one day ago, our otherwise normal (even boring) family was struck by awful news. Never before have I experienced such pure panic and the excruciating feeling of losing ground. But today my balanced is finally restored and I can breathe freely again. My mum is a hero.

Love you mum! Eena