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Or the day I met Zlatin (for real)


In only an hour and a half Zlatin managed to turn a group of  complete strangers into a cooperating society. How did he do that? With the power of acceptance.

Improvisational theater is a form of art that teaches us valuable lessons about ourselves and the world around us though playing games.

Game 1: Only one can walk, at least one has to walk. Learn to be present in the moment. Learn to participate if you are needed and to step back if another is taking action. Be there. Be ready to react.

Game 2: Fall back and trust a complete stranger. Close your eyes and let him/her guide you only with gestures.

Game 3: Point and say what you see. Point and say the previous thing you saw. Point and say a completely different thing => Why do we always search for the best answer and not just for AN answer. Even when no one is listening. Why do we judge our own ideas and ourselves?

Game 4: Yes but | Yes, but • OK | Yes, and => Learn that there are no bad ideas. Why do we always discard the ideas of others as good or bad. When others accept our ideas we feel appreciated.

Kids try, and fail over and over again. That’s how they learn. Adults want a perfect try from the first time. It’s impossible. We all learn trough playing. There is no fail. Only lessons.

Stop judging. Start accepting. Learn to trust. Be present.

~  Love, Eena

Златин Цветков, Zlatin Tsvetkov

Златин Цветков, Zlatin Tsvetkov (Photo credit: TEDxBG)