That’s what I wished for!

Another year has passed. This time a good one. Scratch that, an amazing one! Featuring a new apartment, a new boyfriend, a new pro camera (and new photography passion), a skiing week in the Alps, a 6-day trip to Rome with the family, a 3-week trip to Spain (walked 300 km form Camino de Santiago!), a new team, a new boss, a yachting weekend in Greece, a 6-week trip to Boston, US, a new promotion, a new baby Yorkie at home, a camping seaside trip to Greece with the improv brigade, a few new good friends, a new favorite dance… Basically so many things are new that it’ll take me forever to write about them. The most important thing of them all – I am happy. I was worried for a little while.

Moved out, got happy again, found love! Welcome back my enthusiastic, entertaining, fearless, loving, always-dreaming, and always-inspiring-others-self. I am so happy you found your way back to me!

~ Love, Eena