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You know how Mondays have this pretty bad reputation of being awful? Well, it’s all a sham! I am one of those people who is always (trying to be) positive. But this Monday even my positive attitude to life’s challenges got pretty challenged. Here is the deal, there are only 9 working days left to a major milestone at work (the workload is pretty heavy) and unfortunately this week 3 of my 5 precious working days will be stolen by marketing meetings, team dinners, global gatherings, after-work working parties and a full-blown 3-day-weekend-whole-company team building. You can understand how I was a bit on edge 🙂 even more so with having to reschedule (actually postpone) 3 of my usual weekly sport classes. Needless to say, this morning I was in quite the bad mood. But here is the deal – I knew it would be an intense, nerve-retching week, so I knew there is no way it can get worse! So I smiled and quite unexpectedly Monday delivered great joys! It was one of my best Monday ever! Why?

1. Got the news that one of my favorite colleagues has given birth to a precious little baby girl, named Emilia!

2. Received my long-awaited (more than two months), first-ever-bought-online Camper shoes (and they fit!!)


3.  Booked a relaxing Mani-pedi session for next week.

4. Finished drafting a newsletter that will go out to 80 000 people! I don’t know why but I felt quite inspired and I think I wrote my best newsletter to date (AND learnt a couple of hard words in the process!!!) Did you know the difference between squelch, quelch, and quench? Well, if English is your native language probably you did 🙂 but I didn’t.

5. Removed all my Outlook new-mail notifications and started checking my mail every hour rather than every 15 mins! (some of you will understand what a huge step this is)

6. Received a batch of funny sunny photos from the friends-packed picnic in the mountain we went to this weekend! That’s just one of my crazy people:


7. Got news of a new dancing class (swing baby) that I was excitedly looking forward to for the last month (AND got invited to an open-lawn Saturday night swing party in one of the coolest bar downtown.

Swing Party!

8. Celebrated not one, but TWO office birthdays! (I love my colleagues).

9. Made 4 important connections online (LinkedIn).

10. Played an hour of tennis before work and survived a two-hour combined training of Kangoo Jumps and Pilates with two of the best instructors in Europe!!! They were so inspiring! I don’t know how I lasted 2 hours. I am usually dead after a 30 minute Kangoo jumps class. Pushed a couple of limits today, I guess.

Now I am in a hurry to post this, because as you may expect, pretty soon I will be a sleeeeeeping vegetable. But just think about this cliché for a moment: your attitude defines what happens to you as good or bad! And sometimes life just surprises you!

How was your Monday?

Love, Eena